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Just wanted to pass on that you are beyond professional and very knowledgeable in your field. Pleased with the detailed report and time spent during inspection.  We will be recommending you.


Matt LeRay


Hello Ed & Don,

I hope this email finds you both well. I just wanted to express how appreciative and thankful we are for the wonderful job you both did for us and for the detailed reports that you provided. As you can imagine, this whole process has been extremely stressful and you both gave us the confidence in moving forward with accessing our decision for this momentous milestone in our lives. Your services will definitely be recommended on our behalf to all our friends and colleagues who are in the market for homes.

Again, my husband and I could not thank you enough. Wishing both wonderful weekend and above all I wish you both continuous success in the years to come.

Warmest Regards,



Thanks very much Ed.

I am happy to give permission to show my feedback below on your website.

Thank you for the great job you did with radon mitigation for my home.
I appreciated your providing an accurate estimate of the cost and completion of the job within a single day. I would highly recommend your radon reduction services to friends and neighbors.

Arthur Mayorga, Furlong, PA
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The services you provided were above and beyond!  The price was the best in Bucks County and the Northeast (and I shopped around alot) and you installed the system in less than half a day.  Even when the independant test came back still a little high you were there the next day to install a bigger fan and 2nd pipe at no additional charge and provided the additional test to get me to my closing date on my home.  Cannot express enough how painless you made this process which was an unexpected cost when selling my home! 

Thanks again and I have recommended you to my realty company Orion and Bucks Residential to be their primary "guy" for this work!
Take care!

Josh Mangum


Hey Ed,

      Just want to thank you for all that you did! My wife, agent, and myself were very pleased with everything and impressed with your thoroughness. As well as, thankful for all of your time and information. We will definitely be mentioning your name every time we come across someone in the area that's in need of a good inspector.

Have a good weekend, Ed!


-Kyle Musika


Ed, recently we had a radon reduction system installed in our home due to testing which showed we had very high levels of this gas. Neighbors had a unit installed by you about 10 years ago and spoke highly of you and your service. I want you to know we echo their satisfaction as well. In scheduling, you were prompt - arriving when you said. You explained thoroughly what needed to be accomplished in getting the system installed and the installation itself was not an inconvenience to us in any way.

We were impressed with your professionalism both in promptness and service.

Thank you.

Suzanne Polgar


Thanks Ed.

You did an excellent job. The work was done neatly and you were nothing short of professional.  I will recommend your company to anyone who needs this type of work done.

Frank McLean
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Hi Ed,

I just want to thank you for doing a real job on my radon problem.   You did the job quickly and left no mess, what can be better than that.  Oh yes, the result can be better than that, my level went from 10.8 pCi/L to less than 0.5.  My neighbors recommended you to me and I have already recommended you to another.  I think that speaks volumes to your professionalism and the quality of service you provide.

Thank you,

Mike & Jacqui Allen


Karin and I want to thank you for radon remediation service you provided.  Simply put, the timeliness, pricing, and quality your work was truly outstanding in all respects.  Your installation was neat, highly professional, and perhaps most important, effective. 

Again, our heartfelt thanks for a job well done.

Bob and Karin Isett


Dear Ed,

I wanted to write and let you know that we are extremely satisfied at the work you have done for us in respect to mitigating the radon in our home. We were anxious as our house is a restored farmhouse with large areas of crawlspace in addition to a new basement. We are very pleased that you were able to reduce our radon level from 37.3 to 3.1 in the basement and 15.6 to 1.8 on the 1st floor. We were very impressed in all aspects. From your detailed proposal, quality workmanship, attention to detail and followup visit. When you stated in your e-mail that we could "be assured that the highest quality and standards are performed", and that the work would be done as if you personally owned the home you were right on. You left the work area cleaner than when you started and even sealed a hole you noticed made by another worker after working tirelessly all day. We can see that you take great pride in your workmanship. After getting several quotes, we appreciate your honesty and expertise in your recommendations as another company wanted to do much more right away.

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you want to use us as a reference. Also, we will definitely be recommending you to anyone we know that needs their radon mitigated.


Tom and Angie Guzzo


Hi Ed!

Thank you very much for sending the documents and for the excellent work that you did.  We are pleased with the location of the pipe and we are very happy with the service that you provided.

Bill and Nina Gavul


Subject: RE: Home inspection reports: 501 York Avenue


I'd like to commend you for a job well done in performing the inspection at
501 York Rd.  I realize that due to the size of the house and the various
systems that were present, a considerable amount of time was required by you to perform an adequate inspection and I really appreciate your efforts. Also, thank you for spending the time during your inspection to show us specific items of concern.  Your overall knowledge of housing is very impressive  and gave me confidence on the quality of the service you
provided.  The report which you prepared was extremely detailed and quite frankly, unexpected.  Not only did you call out specific issues, but you provided guidance for a novice home owner to consider for routine home maintenance.  Jared is a first time home buyer and the complete home buying process has been overwhelming to him.  It is much appreciated knowing that you were there to help him with the inspection process.

Best Regards,

Jerry Rubinsky      


We needed radon mitigation in a hurry, in order to meet a real estate closing date, and we found Insight after a frantic search.  Ed Schluth is a genuine pro: he responds to all messages in a timely fashion; he knows his business; he does what he says he'll do; he charges a fair price; he follows up as necessary and he answers questions completely and accurately.

Next time we need a home inspection or radon mitigation, Insight will be our first and only call.
Frederick Breitenfeld



Thank you very much for your help.  We are very pleased with the result.
As I mentioned to you, this is our second attempt at remediation.  Our first time with a different company only reduced our radon level to
3.9 from the original low 4s.  We really appreciate your willingness to work with us, and your commitment to get it to the level that we are comfortable with.  Not many companies would do that. 

We want you to know that we really appreciate all you've done for us.

Warm regards,

Wen and Shub



Thank you for your work on the recent radon remediation project in our home.  We were worried that it would be a drawn out and messy project, but you were able to complete it on only one day!   Our home was left neat and clean and your work was done very professionally and efficiently.

Thank you very much,

Mark & Judy



Thank you very much for the detailed report.  I have purchased seven other homes (yes, seven – I could write an interesting book since I‘ve sold each one and moved again) and have never had such a thorough inspection and really appreciate it!    I will definitely keep your card, not that I plan on moving until retirement I hope, but I will refer you to friends and family. 

Thanks again! 

Marie Carsillo
Supervisor of Student Transportation
Wissahickon School District


    Thank you so much for taking the time to squeeze us into your schedule.  As we told you, we had prior experiences with home inspectors and none of them compare.  Its nice to get a typed up inspection but how great to have photographs of each individual issue no matter how minor or major.  As first time home buyers its a nice organizational tool for us to utilize when time allots us to fix the "less critical" things.  (Its hard enough to remember the big stuff!)  Again, thank you for your service.  I'll be sure to refer you to my friends who are looking to buy a home!  I will let Janice know how much we appreciate your work.

Jennifer & John



Just to let you know that I was extremely satisfied with your inspection.  I
will be letting my Agent's Company know of your outstanding professionalism.

If I know of anyone that is in the process of purchasing a home, I will be
sure to give your company a recommendation.


Vikki Harris


We received your report yesterday and wanted to let you know we were very happy with your thorough inspection, suggestions, and hard copy of the report.  

We will definitely recommend you to anyone who crosses our path who is in need of your services.

Thanks again,

Al & Edie Remolde



Thank you very much.  We both are very happy with the thorough and methodical way you handled this inspection.  Should we hear of anyone needing home inspection services, we would be more than happy to refer them to you.

Jules & Chris Ferraro


Hi Ed,
It's been several weeks since I had my home inspection with you, and I not sure if you remember me exactly, since I'm sure you have done many inspections in these past few weeks.  You inspected a townhome for me at 2440 Dorchester St. in Furlong and I didn't get to meet you because I had an accident that morning.  You met my mother, my ex-husband and my son and I was really upset this day that I was missing this whole thing.  Anyway,  I'm finally back on my feet and feeling better and I just wanted to tell you how impressed my family and realtor were with your home inspection.  The report that you sent me seemed thorough and was very well organized as well.  I just wanted to let you know this and that I will thank my attorney for the recommendation, as it was a great one. 
Thank you so much for everything and I hope that you are doing well.
Take care,



Mr. Schluth,

Thank you for the home inspection report. It was very comprehensive, yet easy to understand.Although I was not present, my family representative (Mom),was very impressed by your attention to detail and your professional manner. Believe me, she is one tough customer. Your recommendations have been noted and discussed with my real estate agent. All in all, a very favorable report.

Thanks again for your prompt and excellent service!

Margaret Carsley


Dear Ed,
We used your services when we purchased our first home eight years ago, and we were so impressed with your findings and written report that we made sure we were able to find you again for our next home!  Thank God we did because your findings saved us from making a mistake on the next house we were thinking of purchasing.  It's so rare to find someone today who is so precise, professional, and pleasant to work with. We especially appreciate you coming so far out to do the inspection of the last house.  Thank you so much for your services. 

We will highly recommend you to anyone we know who is looking to buy a new home.  Thank you for giving us so much peace of mind during such a stressful time. 
Stacey and Scott Chamberlain


Hi Ed,
Thank you so much again.
It's great to have such a thorough and knowledgeable
Home Inspector in our corner.  :)
We appreciate your services very much. As always, we'll
be recommending you to friends and family.
Thanks again!
Dagan and Helene


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